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Welcome to lesexplore.com, our very own passion project where we can write and divulge our ultimate joys, adventures and experiences as we savor what life has to offer. 

We will get down to the nitty gritty, through our senses we will bring to life our greatest moments with travel, food, style, adventure and all the juicy stuff in between. 

We may even surprise ourselves with what content we end up posting as we are a very curious couple ;)

Cheers! to experiencing and sharing what the good life has to offer and always pursuing your dreams and passions. Never give up. 


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My journey to find my own style - Angelis Borges

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Thank you Zappos & Steve Madden for sponsoring this post. 

I struggled for years to create my own identity and sense of style that seems to come so naturally to some people but for me, it took some work and understanding of how to put the right clothing items and accessories together plus which colours work best for me. It is a very personal journey which I have truly enjoyed and is ever-evolving.

I think everyone goes through their own discovery in so many ways and fashion plays a large role in our lives whether we like it or not. This point was driven home in the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" as the movie really highlighted to influence fashion has on the world and our daily choices. 

For me wearing the right outfit for the day or night makes such a difference for my mental health.  When I walk out the door and I am feeling comfortable and feeling good about what is on my body, I love to smell good too, all of these things are apart of the recipe for my confidence which in turn leads to success. 

The energy that we exude into the world comes back 10 fold and I don't mean that you have to wear designer clothes and spend a lot of money on your wardrobe, what is important is how your choices make you feel inside. I like most people like to a good deal and of course good quality so that is why I want to introduce ZAPPOS and STEVE MADDEN FALL COLLECTION TO YOU! 

I do a lot of my shopping online because I do not always have time to run around stores trying to find something I like and ZAPPOS not only has a fierce selection to choose from they have fast and free shipping plus a major bonus is ZAPPOS has a 365 return policy! For someone like me that procrastinates with returns and I have a few random boxes of stuff as I speak by my font door waiting.... this a major bonus for me! 

ZAPPOS now includes STEVE MADDEN'S fall collection who is one of my favourite show designers because of his chic rock n roll vibe stemming from New York City and his travels around the world for the everyday woman, which suits my personality to boot! 

Yes, pun intended!

 The right shoe is so important and it can make or break any outfit. STEVE MADDEN knows how to create the perfect eyecatching, street style shoes and boots for all occasions which is why I wanted to do this collaboration because we are an organic and beautiful fit. 

I am leaving the link you need here to start shopping because like them I want to make things easier for you :) 




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We are Angelis and Nina. Some friends refer to us as "Angelina"
Despite the fact we were raised within completely different cultures and not able to speak each other’s first language (Brazilian - Portuguese / London UK - English), we took a chance on our love and started life’s journey side by side during the spring of 2015. 
The best way we can describe our collision within this universe is that our prayers, wishes, hopes, and dreams were listened to! 
It is hard to describe but a very literal, electric force binds us together. We feel it in our highest movements and also feel the disconnection of it through difficult times. We are like anyone else, as we learn more about each other and ourselves as a couple we embrace many triumphs and also deal with challenges. We also find it important to rise each other up as individuals so that our personal goals are achieved and we both spread our wings. Happy wife, happy life ;) 

We are as transparent as possible on our  YouTube channel and with that platform, our ultimate goals and mission is to help spread the words and feelings of love, equality, basic human rights and a healthier more balanced lifestyle. 

This blog will feature our best moments across all walks of our life and we hope to bring just a little more joy, insight, passion and inspiration to you by sharing more of ourselves and experiences. 
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