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A love letter to my wife....

Angelis has no idea that I am posting this on our blog today. It happens to be International Women's Day so I thought fitting to surprise her with this letter.


Before I get to my letter I want to share a little with you first.

Our whole relationship is online but there is so much more that happens behind the scenes that strengthens our marriage, love and bond to each other which cannot always be captured and shared. Angelis has been through a lot lately but somehow she still manages to be the Sun and provide the light and warmth that is needed by those around her.

When you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with you sometimes have to fight for them, you have to nurture the relationship and grow along side them otherwise, eventually you may drift onto different paths. Neither of us want that to happen to us so we work at our relationship. We are very dedicated to "Us".

You should never believe relationships are all roses and dancing even though flowers and dancing should always be involved ;)

Always say what you want to say and always be truthful no matter if the truth hurts. Honesty and communication is key and coming from someone like me, who finds communicating in my personal life very challenging I understand the importance of it. You should too.

Ok so without further delay, my love letter to my beloved.

For my true love Angelis,

You are a dream catcher, a believer, a gypsy, an adventurer, a giver, a romantic, my best friend, a wonderful mother to Chanel and a beautiful, honest soul with an even bigger heart. These are just a few of your blessings that those who truly know you will agree. 

The greatness, potential and fearlessness you hold at your fingertips is a reminder to me and others around you, to never hold back and go boldly and fight for ones passions, visions, beliefs and dreams. 

I will never forget it was all of the above that lead you to me and as our worlds and energy collided, I still believe we had no choice but to mould ourselves into one and start our journey in this life on the road we pave together. 

You brought prayer and belief in God into our relationship and that alone has enriched our lives with even more love in its purest form, which I should say more often that I am so grateful for.  

Family values should never be an old fashioned term, but the meaning of it has become so diluted over time, to have a wife with unwavering convictions that family truly comes first is a gift. 

I vow to truly love honor and protect you, through sickness and health. Through wondrous adventures,  through amazing, good, bad and sad times I will always be by your side. 

Should you want to be lifted or you feel yourself falling, it is my hands, my arms and my strength that will wrap around you so you always feel safe and we shall always rise together. 

You are my partner. 

My heart belongs to you, yours to me and with kindness and care may they never be broken. From the moment our souls intertwined I believe they will continue to do so for the rest of this life and those that may follow. 

Our combined stubbornness thanks to being  born into Taurus and Aries moons! Can cause conflict but when we are combined in our efforts, we drive forward at momentous speeds. Together we are unstoppable and any boundaries and limits melt away. It is usually you behind the wheel ;) 

We are Yin and Yang. A balance that will always be a beautiful surprise and no accident. The value of seeing and appreciating each other’s differences, is a testament to our commitment and love for each other. 

Are you perfect? Of course no but you are perfect for me. 

Angelis, my true love. 

I am beholden to you for all that you are and what you have brought and continue to bring into my life.  

Forever yours,

Nina (aka "baby")


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We are Angelis and Nina. Some friends refer to us as "Angelina"
Despite the fact we were raised within completely different cultures and not able to speak each other’s first language (Brazilian - Portuguese / London UK - English), we took a chance on our love and started life’s journey side by side during the spring of 2015. 
The best way we can describe our collision within this universe is that our prayers, wishes, hopes, and dreams were listened to! 
It is hard to describe but a very literal, electric force binds us together. We feel it in our highest movements and also feel the disconnection of it through difficult times. We are like anyone else, as we learn more about each other and ourselves as a couple we embrace many triumphs and also deal with challenges. We also find it important to rise each other up as individuals so that our personal goals are achieved and we both spread our wings. Happy wife, happy life ;) 

We are as transparent as possible on our  YouTube channel and with that platform, our ultimate goals and mission is to help spread the words and feelings of love, equality, basic human rights and a healthier more balanced lifestyle. 

This blog will feature our best moments across all walks of our life and we hope to bring just a little more joy, insight, passion and inspiration to you by sharing more of ourselves and experiences. 
We hope you will enjoy this journey with us!




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